Kit Siang: Risau Masa Depan Pakatan Rakyat

Kit Siang gave an exclusive interview in Sin Chew Daily.

Kit: Worrisome of Pakatan Rakyat's future

  1. The thorny issue of PAS unwavering stand on the Islamic State

  2. The wobbly scenario in the Selangor state government and its non risk-averse outlook

  3. The tenability of Anwar Ibrahim as the PM-in-waiting "and what-if.....KES JUBUR..."

  4. the learning curves for PR elected representatives, racial relations, and PR's undefined objectives in capturing Putrajaya in the next general election

Anakmuda Said..

"This is the truth about Pakatan Rakyat...Kit Siang just know about it... do you realise about it?..probably he is been living in a cave before this and only recently came out.."

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