An open letter for all Sarawak Chinese

The slogan of change put forward by Pakatan Rakyat whose members include PKR, DAP, and PAS sounds very good to our ears. Sarawak Chinese are urged to vote DAP in all Chinese majority Constituent with the promise of change. Question is will Sarawak Chinese begetting a better deal as the consequence of to change for the sake of changing. It will be our greatest regret if change that we propagate will only be making our situation worse than where we are only today.

While PKR is losing its credibility with the various personal problems faced by their senior leaders, PAS ideology is not in any way suitable to the unique culture of Sarawak people. We can imagine how ugly the impact will be on the Sarawak Chinese community when Pakatan Rakyat failed to form up a comfortable majority state government. Chinese voice in the government will not be there anymore and our interest will not be represented. Hence, things that we have, things that we enjoy doing at present and future that we can chart freely today will be diminishing almost instantaneously. Decision made in the state Government will be void of Sarawak Chinese interest.

Are we prepared to sacrifice the economic wellbeing that we are enjoying at the moment for the sake of toying around with the imported idea of Semenanjung Chinese? Look at what had happened in Perak. What happened to them? Are we ready to ridicule ourselves like what was done by Semenanjung Chinese in that state? Are they getting any better or they are even worse than what they were in the past under Barisan?

The next question will be that are we really ready to share Sarawak economic cake with our Chinese colleagues from Semenanjung? Are we that strong now that we are ready to compete or to share our business leadership with people from other part of Malaysia? Are we really ready? What if we are not? The business principle remains “only the fittest will survive” and will the fittest be us, the Sarawak Chinese?

What about our future relationship with the Federal Government considering about 70% of Sarawak operation and development budget come from there? Have we not learned from what we see in the state bordering Sarawak? The mistake of entertaining their fancy idea had caused them several years of stagnancy. Are we going to repeat the same experience for the sake of learning new things? Think for God sake, who will suffer in the process? Are we prepared to accept several precious years of no development?

In summary, any idea of giving our vote to DAP in all 19 constituencies where the Chinese hold the majority will only make Sarawak Chinese an instrument used by Pakatan Rakyat to secure power. Beyond that no benefit will be brought to Sarawak Chinese Community. There will be no more Sarawak Chinese voice in the government and in this case you know and I know the ugly implication that will follow suit. Think before you cast your vote!!!!!

Concerned Sarawakian Chinese.

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