Seven DAP senior branch leaders in the state have stated their support for Barisan Nasional (BN) after realising BN's Aku Janji provides more for the Indian community compared to the opposition's manifesto.
Ladang Paroi DAP vice-chairman David Dass said the BN Aku Janji announced by charmain Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak last Saturday clearly showed BN's commitment in championing the welfare of Indians, compared to the opposition's unconvincing manifesto.
"We saw the oppostion's manifesto during the 2008 general election in Selangor, but (after they failed to fulfill it) they said their manifesto wasn't a promise and this is different from the Aku Janji made by BN.
"The Aku Janji is not like a manifesto, it's more of a personal promise and personal promises are better than a manifesto," he told reporters after delivering a ceramah at Ladang Rajent, Gemencheh, here last night.
Joining him in stating their support were Desa Dahlia DAP chairman Richard Francis, Desa Dahlia DAP vice-chairman Jesu Dason, Desa Dahlia DAP secretary S. Karthiyaini, Ladang Rajent DAP secretary Chelvam Katham, Ladang Rajent DAP vice-chairman M. Subramaniam and Ladang Paroi DAP secretary K. Mahendran.
Last Saturday, Najib announced the BN Aku Janji which will provide a RM500 million trust fund to increase the equity of Indians as well as set up a special unit to ensure the successful implementation of government policies to improve the lives of the Indian community.
Dass, who still remains in the DAP, said he was confident that the Aku Janji would be another promise fulfilled.
Meanwhile, Dass strongly criticised DAP's leadership especially party adviser Lim Kit Siang, secretary-general Lim Guan Eng and chairman Karpal Singh who he claimed were only concerned about some parties but denied the rights of members of the Indian community.
He said this was proven by the selection of the DAP central executive committee (CEC) in Penang which raised the issue of democracy in the party over an alleged mistake in tallying of votes.
"We urge the Registrar of Societies (ROS) to tell us the status of complaints on the matter and hope it will be done quickly," he said.
Dass, who will announce his resignation from DAP soon, said more party members especially at the branch-level will join him as DAP was no longer a democratic party, but a rather dramatic one. - BERNAMA

Sama ada wayang DAP atau tidak, aku tetap benci DAP. DAP punca melayu dan Islam berpecah. Perpecahan UMNO dan PAS adalah bunti terbesar kejayaan DAP dalam memanipulasi kaum majoriti dalam mendapatkan mandat di bandar-bandar besar. Bijaknya DAP selain menguasai sektor perniagaan, kini DAP berjaya tawan kuasa politik hampir kesemua bandar-bandar besar seluruh Malaysia. 

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