BREAKING NEWS! @etp_roadmap Gelar @NajibRazak Sebagai Bekas Perdana Menteri

BREAKING NEWS! Najib Razak sacked?

I heard those guys in Pemandu are quite powerful that they overrule even our top most civil servants in the Economic Plannic Unit and the Implementtation Coordination Unit of the Prime Minister's Department but I never knew that they are so powerful to evenSACK the Prime Minister. 

Would those foreigners depicted in LAT's masterpiece (published in the New Straits Times today) make a U-turn now since PEMANDU has taken over the wheels from Datuk Seri Najib Razak? 
Watch the blame game unfold… and nothing would happen to anyone because someone said 'Najib doesn't believe in sacking his staff. Probably that is why there are loads of rubbish in the PMO.

Dear Datuk Seri, please take the necessary action now before your own officers, advisors, and apple polishers sack you for real. 

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