@NajibRazak being fool by #Kangkung ?

An insult to Najib Razak
With respect to the above subject matter, I have been observing the Barisan Nasional social media team(s) since December 2013 and noticed that there has been no improvement in the team(s) performance in the following:

1) Disseminating information on the government policies i.e. GST.

2) Defending the government from attacks by the opposition i.e. increase in price of goods and utility bills i.e. sugar and electric tariffs.

3) Defending the leadership of the party in facing attacks by the opposition. The easiest example is the #Kangkung fiasco. It took BN's sosial media team days to counter the claims by the opposition. 

The Prime Minister is being made a fool, but what have the BN Social Media team done to counter this?

I could list down a lot more on the inefficiency of the BN social media teams but what for? I do not think they are going to change one bit. The recent attack on the Prime Minister demonstrates that BN is really in need of an integrated and efficient social media team. This is something that has to be done immediately to arrest the slide in popularity of the Prime Minister. 

Najib is going to be like Pak Lah if he does not do something. Remember the days when Pak Lah was attacked, it started with sosial media i.e. bloggers. It has got nothing to do with money mind you, but it has got everything to do with the future of the country. During Pak Lah's time bloggers were unhappy with certain decision he made regarding the Double Track railway project, the crooked bridge in Johor and etc.and since he does not listen to the people, they brought him down. 

Even the British Media is making fun of our PM (link)

Najib is doing the exact mistake as Pak Lah. However, what is more worrying is that although Pak Lah was brought down for making the WRONG DECISIONS , Najib will be brought down for NOT MAKING ANY DECISIONS. 

The Prime Minister must do something. Prior to May 2013 he had a lot of team (s) i.e. Pro BN Media teams, but what has happen to all of that? 

Only god knows and what i know someone is lying to the Prime Minister to his face by saying everything is ok. Everything is not Mr. Prime Minister and you better wake up quickly from your sleep.