2nd Penang Bridge : WHO is the chairman of Penang Development Cooperation @cmlimguaneng? #malaysianews

If they can blame the Federal government for this,they wouldn't hesitate to do so and have it blown out of proportion but this accident is obviously within their territory and under their supervision and worst still the contractor was appointed by LGE's team under the PDC ,so they kept damn quiet. Hahahha...Luckily the contractor is PENANG STATE CONTRACTOR AND it was appointed by Penang Development Cooperation ( Chairman which is LIM GUAN ENG ) himself. 

If it is BN they will accused of corruption and causing death. BUT IF IT IS DAP AND LIM GUAN ENG NOW WHAT DO YOU ALL WANT TO SAY? ACCIDENT? OR THAT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DID NOT PAY ENOUGH PAYMENT TO THEIR APPOINTED CONTRACTOR ...? come on give us a reply as we are waiting to hear from you CM LGE...As I have said numerous time LGE is not one who can handle big projects and what his standard is just a wooden bridge for the Kampong use. Only idiots/brainless will trust him and idolise him as Tokong but in reality he is useless when coming to really performing his official duties ...Now that 4 innocent life are lost so how is it going to be resolve...who is going to take care of those decease families from now on....? even before the opening to allow cars /traffic to use it already collapse so it is no longer safe for traffic which will contribute more weight for the structure to withstand ....Do you dare to use the bridge after this happening...MY ADVISE is NO NO NO....there is no security for your safety ...the whole section of this flyover must be demolish like the Kancil Car park and rebuilt by an experience contrator with proven record for such construction...Most important is open tender and no such thing as 30% under the table money as in the end the contractor will take back what he pay by curi curi on the steel and cement to be used ...

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