PRN SARAWAK : DAP BUY Senior Citizens RM600 Per Vote!!

Yesterday I received this sms from a persistent brother-in-law : "DAP goes canvassing for votes by promising RM thru development fund etc but they accuse BN of unethical canvassing. DAP buy votes ok tapi BN tak boleh".

I did not know what exactly was the issue until I read The Star this morning. The news is on page 4 of The Star (sorry no link because I could not find the item in Star Online). Headlined : 'Ceramah causes traffic jam in Batu Kawah', the report says,

"...He (DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng) also pledged to give RM600 to senior citizens every year if Pakatan Rakyat formed the State Government and an extra RM1000 if the group formed the Federal Government."

Before, in Penang they promised to give senior citizens RM100 each if the Pakatan won. I suppose since Sarawak has more timber resources, they can promise more, RM600 for each senior citizen in Sarawak.

But isnt this vote buying ? Isnt this what the Pakatan has been accusing the BN folks of doing ? Does it become OK when the Pakatan offers RM600 per senior citizens to win the votes?

Itu pasal I keep saying, if the Pakatan wins the Federal Government, democracy will die in this country. They will break all the laws and then say its ok.

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